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Meet Buck Reynolds

dscn0758-cropmug.jpgBuckleh Reynolds, owner of Havasu Gear, has more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience directing as many as 7,000 employees and producing revenues in excess of $500 million. With the firm belief that “the only true difference between companies is the way they treat their customers,” Buck has managed to produce record revenues and many successful turnarounds.

Buck has been an executive since age 28. His management experience includes department, property, store, regional and corporate levels. He is an experienced leader and calls on his background which includes retail sales, product design and development, buying and buy plan development, merchandising, marketing and advertising, as well as lease negotiation and operations. Many of the products designed and developed by Buck are being sold today, producing in excess of $6 million annually. He is an expert team builder, teacher and coach and has been asked to provide public speaking in each of his leadership positions.

Among the companies that he has provided significant leadership for, are, Nordstrom, American Golf, Neiman Marcus and Eagle Golf.

As a resident of Lake Havasu City with his wife, Wendy, he now has over 17 years of business experience with the local market, which can be quite complex with it’s constantly shifting customer base.